There is another easy way to get some doge, this way is through an application called Voyager.

The give you 25$ after joining which is pretty sweet and Voyager This one is a lot simpler but it also a bit more strict. They are limited to maybe 2 dozen coins that you can buy and sell on the app and even withdraw if you want, but that’s it.

Kraken has a lot more features for futures trading and margin and staking you coins to earn interest.

Oh and one other thing I just figured out, if you have doge scattered around the globe, as will happen pretty quickly if you want to agglutinate it. Or stick it all in one place, you can’t move it out of Voyager so that would have to be the last place it goes. Ever.

Or at least until they give the means to withdraw it. You could sell it and move the money out, but what fun is that. The idea is to HODL until long after the end of tie.

Still, Voyager is super fast to join and they have the Doge.