The various options I’ve outlined for getting Doge and keeping it are helpful. But this is the truth that you won’t hear on YouTube or Reddit – so get ready….

The only way to become wealthy in cryptocurrency is to have a lot of it and HODL it. I don’t mean hold for a week or two, or what is considered a long-term hold right now – which I think is something like 120 days. I mean 120 days? In what lifespan is that long term?

The real stories of people creating life-change wealth involve these words: ” I forgot I had it.”

Buy your Doge, store it, and forget about it. Do NOT fucking trade it. The only people that make money trading are the exchanges. You will be chasing your tail because we, you and I, are dumb money. Time is on our side though. So let people pump and dump and trade and talk about things “mooning” etc. The smart thing to do is somehow forget that you own it, without misplacing it. Just tuck it away and set an alarm for whatever number will change your life.

*Be very very careful trading on futures contracts on Doge or any other crypto-currency the higher the leverage you use, the faster you can get wrecked. I mean literally turn around, get a glass of your favorite beverage and your money is gone. Use stops and don’t crank the leverage all the way to 100x or 25x. Be patient. And please use limit orders as well as stops, they will eat you alive with fees for “takers”.