I know this may be unpopular, but don’t buy Doge right now. There are too many factors at play. Elon and his hissy fits. Michael Saylor and his huge sell signal, which is borrowing money to buy bitcoin. El Salvador.. I’ll write more about that later. But still, not a good sign.

By the way, has ever ass-clown on Youtube read the same white paper about attracting viewers. Make thumbnails with people making stupid expression. Use a HUGE FONT and write about something but only in terms that are either DIRE or AMAZING. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Gentle reader, come to doge.express for nuance and subtly. I won’t even try to sell you stuff. If you want to throw me a few doge, I’ll take them and I won’t sell for at least 6 years. Doge is going to put my kids through college. Seriously, send me a few dog and you’ll see. I will not sell. I have diamond hands.

diamond hands.